Open XAPK File: What Is It & How To Open It?

What is Xapk? How to Open XAPK File – Maybe Xapk still sounds very foreign to all of you who have never met a formal file like this. Usually when we download applications, especially games, the format that appears mostly is the apk. Besides APK, usually zip and rar formats are also the most common. The emergence of Xapk brings good news for gamers who often download games on Android and PC. Even though it sounds strange, if you already understand using Xapk you will immediately want to install it.

Apk is a type of file format that is most often used on Android systems. In Windows format that is commonly used is exe. Well, for this discussion, which is about one of the latest file formats available on Android-based applications, namely Xapk. Have you ever found a file format like this? For gamers who used to play the game on an Android device, then it must be familiar with this one file format. Xapk is indeed widely used in large-sized games that can be played on Android. What is XAPK File really like? Xapk is the latest file format on Android devices. This format is a combination of apk and OBB. Xapk presents the two combined formats into one package, making it more practical. OBB itself is additional data supporting large-sized APKs, such as videos or textures that cannot be included in the APK. Learn more about Open XAPK FILE and how to install XAPK? Check it out, huh.

So by using the Xapk format, you don’t need to get the obb separately, because it has become one package. This format contains a File and Apk that can be installed manually or automatically. When you feel lazy to install manually, then you can choose the installation automatically. This format really makes it easy for gamers to be able to play large-sized games on an Android device. To support the performance of Android, it remains smooth even though it is used to play large-sized games. You can add the GLTools application.

Without wasting much time or further ado, let’s look at the following discussion:

Open Xapk File

Before we discuss how to install xapk on Android and PC, we will first explain what xapk is and what the difference is with the apk. Well.. Xapk itself is a new format intended for Android applications. As explained a little above, in this formal Xapk there are already apk and OBB. If you usually install Apk and OBB individually, using the xapk format is no longer necessary.

You only need to install Xapk, there are already APKs and OBBs in them so that it becomes more practical and repeatedly intends. Because there is already a combination of apk and OBB, this xapk file format is usually 1GB in size. Apk itself is the format for an Android application. While OBB is supporting data apk with a fairly large size that cannot be entered into the APK format because of its very large size. The file size with the APK format itself only ranges from 1 – 100MB.

Open XAPK File on Android

For those of you who are interested in installing files with xapk format, there are two ways you can do, namely by manual or practical method. Here we will explain each of the ways.

Now next, here are tips on how to install Xapk on an Android device. As explained in the previous paragraph. There are two ways to install Xapk files. Here are the details of the explanation.

Open XAPK File

Install Xapk Manually

The most common way to do the installation manually is to first open xapk file it by installing the apk pure first. But, if you feel lazy to download the application. Then you can use the method below.

1. First rename the format to Zip, then extract.
2. After finishing extracting the application, an image and application data file will appear.
3. Next, install the application. But remember, don’t open the application if it hasn’t been extracted.
4. The next step is to move data to android / obb or data. To find out the location to move to obb or data, then see the previous data folder.
5. Finally, open the application and enjoy it.

Install Xapk Automatically

Installing this way is arguably very easy and not complicated. For more details, check this out:

1. First download the Xapk Installer application first on the play store
2. Next, open the application. Then there will be a notification that appears whether this file will be installed?
3. Then choose yes or ok. Wait until the installation process is complete.
4. Well, the application is installed.

How to Install Xapk on PC

If previously we discussed how to install xapk directly on Andorid cellphone, we will now share how to install xapk via a PC which will later be connected to an Android phone. The steps are as follows:

1. Download the Pure apk exe application then install it on your laptop or PC.
2. After installation, plug in your Android phone’s USB to a laptop or PC.
3. Make sure you have set the developer mode / Developer Options and Enable USB Debugging.
4. Open the Pure apk exe application that has been installed via a laptop / PC.
5. Select the game or application format xapk then drag it to the Pure apk exe application that was opened.
6. Then choose whether you want to install it on internal or memory then click install.
7. Wait until the installation process is successful or successful.
8. Then, it’s finished.

Those are some tips on how to Open XAPK File & Install Xapk on an Android device. Hopefully this information can be useful for readers.