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Open PDF File – The specification and first implementation of the PDF file format was published on June 15, 1993 by Adobe. PDF, which is short for Portable Document Format, is created as a large document format, regardless of the platform used. PDF documents are created to match their appearance in the different hardware and software environments in which they are opened. This and the availability of Adobe Acrobat Reader on all popular PC and cellular platforms has made the PDF a de facto standard for portable documents. Another important factor that makes the PDF format so popular is that Adobe doesn’t charge anything for third parties using the PDF specifications.

On July 1, 2008, Adobe PDF became an open standard issued by the International Organization for Standardization as ISO 32000-1: 2008. In 2008, Adobe also created a royalty-free PDF standard patent that allows anyone to create and sell PDF standard software.

Today, PDF is used as the main document format for distributing files via the Internet. In PDF files, all representation data is stored in text format, which allows effective compression and makes the PDF format very efficient in transmitting information via the Internet.

Another important feature of the PDF file format is the ability to embed various types of content such as raster images, rich vector graphics, and even fonts. This makes the PDF file format important for the preparation and delivery of preprinted documents. With PDFs, files can be sent to every detail of the prepress document, rather than some work files specifically for certain software packages.

Newer versions of PDF files have also introduced encryption and digital signature support. This allows the use of PDF file formats for signing documents through the Internet. Some software vendors, including Adobe, now offer electronic signing services to individuals and teams of various sizes. PDF files can also be used for workflows in larger organizations and for direct integration with other software packages.

If your operating system doesn’t open PDF files that are supported, you can read about how to open PDF files on older operating systems. If you want to change the standard PDF display application, see our guide for switching PDF display applications.

Below is more information about document files related to PDF. To open PDF files, the required documents can be converted to the file formats listed below. Because some of the formats listed below may not support certain PDF document features, conversion can result in loss of some data.

  • PS file – PostScript file
  • OOXML File – Open XML Office File
  • ODF or FODT file – Open the document format for Office application files
  • DjVu file
  • RTF file – a text-rich document file

PDF files are sent via e-mail or the Internet using the following MIME types (Versatile Internet Mail Extensions): application / pdf, application / x-pdf, text / x-pdf.

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